Mass marketing of high concentration cellulose fiber molding material 'kinari' and start of handling on online sales site "Chip One Stop"

画像:パナソニック kinari(キナリ) 55%濃度

In December 2022, Panasonic Production Engineering Co., Ltd. began mass production sales of kinari (* 1), a molding material developed by the Manufacturing Innovation Division of Panasonic Holdings Corporation, which is made from 55% plant-based cellulose fiber compounded with resin, as well as handling trial materials on an online shopping site operated by Chip One Stop Co., Ltd.

In its long-term environmental vision for a sustainable future, "Panasonic GREEN IMPACT," the Panasonic Group is aiming for an impact reduction of "approximately 1% (300 million tons)" of total global CO2 emissions by 2050. As one of these initiatives, since 2015, we have been developing materials using naturally-derived cellulose fiber with the aim of reducing our environmental impact by reducing the use of petroleum-derived resins. In January 2022, we began selling samples (* 2) of the molding material (product name: kinari CeF55 -PP) developed in this initiative, and many customers are considering adapting the material to existing products or adopting it in new products. Moreover, this molding material has obtained Biomass Mark 55 (* 3), which enables the reduction of petroleum-derived resins.

As for the molding material kinari CeF55-PP, from December 2022, we have shifted from sample sales to mass production sales, and as a more affordable means for customers, we have started handling trial materials on the online shopping site "www.chip1stop.com" operated by Chip One Stop Co., Ltd. We aim to accelerate our environmental contribution by replacing petroleum-derived resins by making it easier for more customers to test prototypes.

In addition, the Panasonic Group will leverage the advantages and advantages of highly concentrated cellulose fiber molding materials to expand into automotive mechanisms and interior components, housing interior components, big-name home appliances, beauty appliances, clothing and clothing, daily necessities, beverage and food containers, and other products.

Features of molded materials with 55% cellulose fiber content:
1. Cellulose fibers, which are naturally derived fibers, are combined with resin (polypropylene) at a concentration of 55%.
2. Composites (pellets) are white and have high coloration freedom
3. Woody design can be realized by molding process technology

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Left: kinari 55% Concentration/Center: High coloration freedom/Right: Woody design by molding process technology

Material Specifications:
Product name: kinari CeF55-PP (55% cellulose fiber composite molding material)
Composition: 55% cellulose fiber, 45% polypropylene and others
Elastic modulus (GPa): 3.80
Density (g/cubic centimeter): 1.15
Pellet color: milky white
For detailed material specifications, please refer to our website (https://www.ppe-biz.com/kinari/technical).

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Release date: January 26, 2023