News and press releases from the kinari team
18 March, 2022

Development of cellulose fibre moulding materials with a biomass content of over 90%

The Manufacturing Innovation Division of Panasonic Corporation has developed a moulding material [2] with a biomass content [1] of 90% or more by applying the technology developed so far for mixing plant-derived cellulose fibres into resin in high concentrations to plant-derived resin (biopolyethylene). By adding a high concentration of cellulose fibres to soft biopolyethylene, we have succeeded in achieving strength equivalent to that of conventional kinari*1 and also in developing it as a white material.

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01 December, 2021

Sample sales started for kinari material

Panasonic Production Engineering Corporation will start sample sales of KINARI*1, a moulding[1] material developed by the Manufacturing Innovation Division of Panasonic Corporation that contains a high concentration of 55% plant-derived cellulose fibre mixed with resin, from January 2022.

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30 September, 2020

Accelerating circular manufacturing with plant-based cellulose fiber

Panasonic has more than 300 offices globally. In order to reduce the amount of plastic used in the field of manufacturing and contribute to the realization of a sound material-cycle society, we are proceeding with research and development of eco-materials that can be used as alternative materials for plastics. 

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29 June, 2020

Asahi Breweries and Panasonic collaboration on Forest Tumbler

Asahi Brewery Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, President: Kenichi Shiozawa) and Panasonic Co., Ltd. utilize the beverage container "Mori no Tumbler" that utilizes organic resources at high concentrations, and CO 2 emissions in consumer behavior. We have also entered into a business alliance agreement with the common purpose of promoting the reduction of plastic waste and fostering a culture of reusing beverage containers.

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